Race Reports

My training keeps me healthy... and sane! I've always been a runner, preferring short distance in high school and slowly growing to love long distances. I became an ultramarathoner 2 years ago, which also sparked (strangely enough) my love for triathlon. I've completed races up to the 50 mile distance in trail running and just completed my FIRST full distance Ironman!

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About Me

Hi everyone! Welcome to my page! Over the last few years, I’ve found happiness in a better work-life balance: I love experiencing new sights, foods, and cultures with traveling; I’m an avid runner turned triathlete, going for big goals; and when I want to relax and take in nature’s beauty, I head for the trails. In 2020, I began to dive deeper in the sport of triathlon by becoming an IRONMAN U Certified Coach. Enjoy following my adventures!


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